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Fusion 3780

Voyager 9520

VoyagerCG 9540

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Track your inventory with great scanners

Honeywell scanners

Universal Product Codes (UPCs), more commonly called barcodes,

are convenient invention that can help you track sales and manage

your inventory, but only if you have the right equipment for it!


Browse through the range of retail checkout system scanners such as hand-held and single-line cameras for any sized business.


By scanning UPCs as customers buy items, you can easily identify

which products you need to restock and which ones aren't selling.


A great scanner can save your employees lots of time and frustration

trying to get an outdated scanner to align just right to read the code.

We sell Honeywell brand scanners which are sensitive and will read

UPC codes and even newer QR codes easily.


We've been in the business for decades and our staff knows what system is suitable for your business. Our high-quality products and services are just what you need! Contact us today at 215-236-3600 and find out how we can help you.


Don't forget to protect your new equipment with security cameras!

Art Gordon Cash Registers is a family-owned and

operated business. Call to get the great service that

we've been providing to Philadelphians since 1896!

Our Scanners include:

2. Honeywell Voyager 9520 / VoyagerCG 9540

- Single-line laser scanners

- Automatic trigger

- 650-nanomater laser

- CodeGate technology (VoyagerCG 9540 only)

- Flash ROM

- Parsing (data editing)

1. Honeywell Fusion 3780

- Omni directional laser scanner

- Secondary single-line scan pattern

- Automatic in-stand detection

- Sleep mode with IR wake up

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