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Control your liquor sale portions!

Berg Liquor Control products

At Art Gordon Cash Registers we sell more than just point of sale

systems. We sell all the tools you need to run an efficient business.

If you sell alcohol you know it's important to control the

amount you sell.


A liquor control system will limit the amount of alcohol dispensed

on every pour, ensuring fair transactions for both parties. As well as ensuring bartender accountablilty.


We have partnered with Berg to sell only the highest quality liquor control systems to customers throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Liquor Control Systems help consumers drink responsibly and ensure that businesses aren't missing out on revenue. It is an accurate and tamper-proof electronic system that monitors your liquor portions.

Art Gordon Cash Registers is a family-owned and

operated business. We've been a trusting name in

the community in an around Philadelphia since 1896!

Our liquor control systems include:

- Control Plus Systems  -Berg Liquor Control Systems

- ECR interface for automation between the Liquor Control and electronic cash registers or POS systems.

- Printer interface for detailed reports

We're waiting to hear from you! Call us at 215-236-3600 and learn more about our standard cash registers, scales, scanners, and security cameras.

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