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Accurately measure your products

Cas brand scales

If any of your products are priced out by weight, it's important to

know how much you are selling! Our professional, high-quality

scales will ensure that all of your sales are accurate and fair.


You can rely on the experienced and knowledgeable staff at

Art Gordon Cash Registers to help find the right scale your store.


Scales are an essential part of many different types of retail outlets.

A deli needs scales to measure meats and cheeses, while a candy

shop needs scales to measure bulk sales. Coffee, seafood, and baked

goods are just a few more items that are typically sold by weight.


Rely on our knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you pick out

the right equipment for your business.

Once you are able measure your products, check out our scanners!

Art Gordon Cash Registers is a locally owned and

operated business. We've been helping businesses

ensure fair trade in your community since 1896!

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Browse through our state-of-the-art scales:

1. CAS CL5000

- Label printing scale

- Dual range 60 lb capacity

- 3,000 PLU’s and 1,000 ingredients

- Optional networking

- 50 standard label formats

- Legal for trade – COC # 07-042A2


Contact us at 215-236-3600 to find out how our standard or POS cash registers, liquor control systems, scanners, and security cameras can help your business.

2. CAS AP-1

- 15 lb, 30 lb and 60 lb dual range

- 28 preset keys

- 200 ILU memory

- Accumulator feature


- POS interface scale

- Interface to most ECR’s and POS systems

- 15, 30, 50, and 150 lb capacities

- Solid construction

- Legal for trade

- Many more features

5. CAS Space 2000

- Low profile price computing scale

- Easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent displays

- Stainless steel platter

- Soft touch keyboard

- 999 PLU memory

- Many more features

6. CAS Space 2000Jr

- Weighs in pounds, ounces and kilograms

- Rechargeable battery included (LCD or VFD)

- Use with the optional label or receipt printer

- Large easy-to-read display size

- 2 display types (LCD or VFD)

- Dual display (clerk and customer)

- Legal for trade

- Many more features

3. CAS LP-1000N

- Label printing scale

- 4,000 PLU’s

- 1,000 ingredients

- 54 preset keys

- 30 label formats plus 6 custom labels

- Continuous strip label

- Pre-pack mode for automatic weighing / labeling

- Many more features

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