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Upgrade your store's cash register!

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If you run any kind of business, you know how important it is to

have a high quality cash register! Make sure you have space for all

the money that changes hands in your store with a great new register.


You want to keep up with the latest technology for the rest of your business needs. Why would your cash register be any different?


Art Gordon Cash Registers has been providing cash registers and

point of sale systems to businesses throughout Philadelphia and

the surrounding area for over a century.


Read more about our standard registers or touch screen registers.

Art Gordon Cash Registers is a family-owned and

operated business. We've been serving the business community in and around Philadelphia since 1896!

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USED MACHINES-Let's face it folks, things aren't what they used to be! They don't "make em" like they used to, but in many ways they are better. We only have limited quantity of used machines these days. In most cases, unfortunately our business is becoming throw away. However, the good that comes with technology is always the inovative breakthroughs. In most cases it makes more sense to start off with new equipment and get the features we all need today!

We aim to optimize your business's production, which is why we have offered teh area only top-of-the-line products equipped with the latest technology and dependable repair services for over one hundred years.


Call us at 215-236-3600 to see how we can help you and your business or check out some of our other latest technologies in liquor control systems, scales, scanners, or security cameras.