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Get a secure cash register

with the latest technology.


Standard cash registers are ok for a low volume of business, but more advanced POS systems make sales easy!

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If you sell liquor you know

how important it is to accurately track the volume

of liquid sold.


Our Berg Liquor systems will accurately track the volume

of liquor that is dispensed

in your store.

Accurately measure how much of any product you

are selling with accurate, balanced scales!


Ensure that all of your transactions with customers are fair for both parties

with scales.

Protect your business

assets with state-of-the-art security systems. Our DVR cameras provide remote viewing from any location with internet.


Contact us today to learn more about any product!

Serving Philadelphia since 1896


Since 1896, Gordon Cash Registers has provided quality business products to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas to help them grow their business. Our family-owned and operated business, currently in its fourth generation of ownership, is headed by Art Gordon and continues to excel at providing quality products to our customers.


With the rapidly changing times, we are proud to say that we have managed to keep track and have kept our products up-to-date with those in the market. This has given us a solid foundation of reliable services and product knowledge that has helped keep up our longevity in the industry.


We offer you a broad base of products centered on your store's systems, from cash registers to POS Systems to scanners and cameras. We've been the leaders in cash registers and restaurant computer equipment for over 100 years. We carry, service, and repair all major makes and models of registers and specialize in liquor control systems for bars and restaurants. Call us today at 215-236-3600 to find out how we can help you!

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